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Energy Visions

A renewable energy technologies company which provides development capital, equity, project management and operations services on behalf of facility owners.

Energy Visions is a privately held business that develops and operates renewable energy facilities including wind, solar, biomass, and hydro generating plants. The company has projects, offices and partnerships in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Energy Visions LLC
2247 San Diego Ave, Suite 137, San Diego, CA 92110

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Company Profile

Energy Visions offers a comprehensive scope of services to bring individual projects to commercial completion at lowest cost and within tightly managed schedules.


Its services are offered on a cost-plus basis plus success fee, or as a contracted turnkey project facilitation team tied to a long-term project ownership. 

Each project is premised on the goal to deliver a renewable energy product - electricity, renewable natural gas, densified solid fuel, steam, hot water, chilled water – at a predictable price, quantity and quality.

The Energy Visions team works with the technology provider and its funding partners to identify optimal manufacturing/production sites, address complex permitting processes and manage the construction/startup program through to commercial startup.

Company Background

Below is an overview of the company’s recent investments and activities:

20MW Biomass Plant in California

Energy Visions raised private equity in 2016 to acquire and fully refurbish a 20MW biomass cogeneration plant. At the time of the acquisition, the facility was closed, had no employees and no power off-take agreements in place. Today, the plant has 22 skill employees and a long-term power purchase agreement with a consortium of 7 municipal utilities and irrigation districts in California. In addition, the 212-acre site has been designed to become a Resource/Regen Campus where several advanced wood products manufacturing businesses expect to co-locate in the next five years.

International WoodFuels LLC

In 2007, the founders of Energy Visions established International WoodFuels to develop, own and operate plants shipping wood pellets to Europe as a means by which to reduce carbon emissions a coal-fired generation plants. In partnership with a regional manufacturer, WoodFuels built and operated a 100,000T whole-log pellet manufacturing facility in Virginia in 2009.  In 2012-13, on behalf of a European investment group, WoodFuels secured fiber, a site, a port and permits for a 500,000T plant in North Carolina.

DG Energy LLC

DG Energy was formed in 2000 to acquire and expand industrial gas CHP plants, district energy facilities and biomass generation projects throughout the US. By the end of 2003, DG operated twelve facilities with 180MW of general and thermal capacity in nine states including five biomass power stations. DG was sold to an international energy company in 2007 and continues in business today with more than 100 full-time employees and a strong financial record of performance.

Wilton InterPower LLC / Polish Energy Partners, Warsaw, Poland

Wilton was established in 1995 to develop small-scale (10-50MW) Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants for industrial and public utility requirements outside the US. The company’s typical project was a reciprocating engine or gas turbine package that was integrated into existing grid requirements, most typically where there was a baseload electrical requirement and a commercial use for the waste heat. In 1996, Wilton funded the formation of a new CHP company in Warsaw, Poland, which successfully grew into one of the largest private power owner/operators in the country by 2002 when it was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company remains in business today with more than 200 employees and a wide range of gas turbine and wind energy projects throughout the country.

San Diego Power & Cooling

In 1993, Mr. Mueller acquired San Diego Power & Cooling, a citywide district cooling plant which included a 2.5MW gas-fired combine heat and power (CHP) facility. The system, located in downtown in San Diego, served 12 customers and 3.5 million square feet of downtown properties at the time of purchase. By 1997, the business was expanded to 25 customers with more than 5.5 million sqft of hotels, offices and shopping centers. The business was sold in 1997 to a large American utility and continues to be a critical service provider of low-cost, low-emissions impact air conditioning services to a rapidly growing downtown commercial community.

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Steven Mueller


Over the past 30 years, Mr. Mueller has founded and operated private power generation businesses including gas cogeneration plants, district heating/cooling systems, solar electric systems and biomass power plants.

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Contact us by phone at 619.889.1742 or email at


2247 San Diego Ave, Suite 137
San Diego, CA 92110

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